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This chart provides an easy reference to estimate the kW required to heat a tank. Heat losses from the surface of the solution and from the sides of the tank have been taken into account. Find the gallons at the left, move to the right to the column with the temperature at which you will be heating the solution. The number indicated here is the kW required to do the heating job. This kW figure assumes a heat-up period of six hours; for a twelve hour heat-up time, simply divide the kW figure in half.

To determine the heating requirement of a tank, first obtain the following information:

Total cubic feet of solution in tank:  Multiply the inside dimensions of the tank in feet - length x width x depth.
(One m3 = 35.3 ft3.)
2) Total gallons of solution: Multiply by 7.48 the cubic feet of the tank occupied by solution. (If the solution is normally 6" below the top of the tank, allow for this when figuring.  (3.8 liters = one gallon.)
3) Average ambient (room) temperature at which tank will be used in °F.  (9/5°C + 32 = °F).
4) Temperature level at which solution is to be held in °F.
5) Heat-up time desired in hours.