Standard range 3x400V 2,25 - 12 kW.

  • An all-round heater: Resistant to most acids and alkaline, max 90°C process temperature.
  • L-bended design: For varying liquid levels and even heat distribution.
  • Reliable duty: Excellent heat transfer, due to positive contact between heating element and PTFE coating. Heat is transferred directly to bath without internal build-up, thus increasing element life.
  • Heating element: PTFE covered Stainless steel 316L element grounded.
  • Connection box: Polypropylene material for good chemical resistance and vapor tight construction.
  • Electric cabling: Standard electric cabling 4 mtr. Additional lengths on request.
  • Overheat protection: 2 exchangeable bimetallic sensors are standard.
  • Distance feet: Pure PTFE as standard.
  • Tested and certified by VDE according to EN-norm.